Ghetti Photos exists to explore the emotional aspects of nature, science, and culture through photography.

Adam Ghetti

Adventurer, technologist, photographer

Adam Ghetti pours his energy into exploring the boundaries of body, mind, and spirit at every junction. Through his entrepreneurial ventures he has accumulated over a dozen patents, numerous industry awards, and international recognition which have brought him to over 40 countries. He continues to be fascinated by the infinite depth at the intersection of culture, science, and nature which inspires his particular photographic style.

Adam's passion for exploring the world became a greater focus in his life after an unfortunate car accident involving his sister. Seeing how quickly freedom and independence can disappear struck a deep chord with him. He decided to ensure no moment was wasted in his life from that day forward. 

This motivation drives his desire to capture the emotional moment, and not just the visual aspects, through photography. Hopefully bringing the same inspiration to others the world over. His photography also allows him to share the outside world with his sister who is no longer able to explore it on her own.

Proceeds from Ghetti Photos support research and care efforts for those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. 

The intersection of art and science

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